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Negotiation - A "Dirty" Word?

NewtownNewtown (Photo credit: BeauGiles)

Someone who is interested in negotiating to solve problem does not call a news conference to pronounce his opponent's positions as absurd.  "I will not negotiate" is not the opening salvo of a person who believes he can lead.

Successful negotiations usually begin with each side acknowledging some of the positions held by the opponent...the first step in finding common ground.

For example, what if someone acknowledged there is a Second Amendment to the Constitution and it is valued and respected by many Americans.  They have not been hijacked into their belief or position by a lobbying group.

What if someone said the issues that cause a tragedy like the one that occurred in Newtown are many and complex. Let's review all of those issues - starting with the mental health of the shooter.

Just asking questions would begin discussions that might have a chance of solving some problems. 

As it is, the atmosphere in Washington reminds me of recess at an elementary school when the barometer is falling.



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