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The Art of the "Slow Walk"

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More than a year since the calamity at closer to truth, no knowledge of change that would improve Embassy security, no negative consequences for anyone who has lied - and surely some have lied because we have had so many versions of "the truth".  "What difference does it make?"  Apparently None.  And we have taken an unprecendented action of closing US Embassies abroad because of "intelligence" alerts, making it clear to the world we are unable or unwilling to protect ourselves abroad.

Meantime, other scandals and other news items have overtaken the media.... the environment suffers,  Paula Deen has confessed to an unpardonable 30 year old offense, an MLB star has been suspended (but is still playing), the royal baby has been born, the IRS problem is solved (if one listens to Congressman Cummings), the government of Syria has used poison gas on it's own citizens, "leaker" Snowden is in Moscow, having given the Russian government many opportunities to show their disrespect for America; and college has become too expensive.  Time marches on.

Through it all, we see one skill that has clearly been mastered by the current administration.....the "slow walk".  Meaning, let the story drag on (we're investigating) until those covering the news lose interest and move on to more recent, more sensational "Breaking News".

The families and colleagues of those who died in Benghazi deserve so much more.



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