Madame Ambassador

Work with Mary

Mary is currently working with groups at the University level and non-profit organizations who share her passion for promoting civil discourse and increasing the amount of social capital available in our community.

She is interested in writing on a variety of topics and is a newcomer to the blogosphere.

Mary is especially interested in working on projects or speaking to groups where she can:
  • Help persons in business, academic and community organizations to develop leadership skills, either through speeches or workshops
  • speak about her life experiences – in particular her career as an Ambassador
  • increase understanding of the meaning of globalization to the human resource both inside and outside the United States
  • speak and/or conduct workshops promoting civil discourse,
  • use her networks to bring people together to facilitate advancing an agenda – with governments, within businesses or with community organizations
  • mentor and coach individuals interested in learning about a career in the foreign service or public service,  seeking a job or a change or seeking public office.
  • joining  boards and commissions where she has passion and believes she can contribute